Loss Prevention & Risk Management


Risk management is important in all areas of business, and worker health and safety is no exception. Accidents and sickness pose significant threats to businesses due not only to the loss of workers but also from the possibility for legal penalties or litigation. CEM is committed to workplace health and safety. We offer comprehensive risk management solutions so that our clients can be confident that they have done every possible to promote the health and well-being of their workers every step of the way.

Ensuring workplace safety is not only ethical and good business practice, it is also the law. Nearly every industrialized national throughout the world has strict requirements for workplace safety and most jurisdictions have special governmental agencies (such as OSHA in the United States) to ensure compliance with workplace safety laws.


Whether in anticipation of sensitive litigation or as standard business practice, many clients engage consulting services through their legal counsel. Certified Environmental Management routinely works with attorneys to provide solutions, expert opinions, and strategic analysis, often resolving environmental, health, and safety issues before they reach the courtroom. Well-known for technical expertise and attention to detail, we also offer a reputation for responsiveness, defensible impartial opinions, and effective presentation.

CEM assists clients by not only ensuring that they are in compliance with all the applicable workplace safety laws, but by making the workplace even safer than required by law. CEM has the latest data from research and non-governmental Industrial Hygiene organizations that allows us to make sure our clients are ahead of the curve every time. CEM’s clients frequency find that when workplace safety laws change, they are already in compliance because of the monitoring and programs implemented by CEM.