Chemical Hazard Assessment


Maximizing the effectiveness of your Industrial Hygiene (IH) and/or Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) program requires you to efficiently and comprehensively identify chemical hazards for future sampling. CEM’s Chemical Hazard Assessment meets this objective by systematically and objectively evaluating the components, use, toxicology, and regulatory limits for each chemical product used at your facility. We believe that this is a critical component of an effective Industrial Hygiene program, because it enables you to anticipate, recognize, monitor, and control the most significant chemical hazards, without missing anything or wasting precious time and money on insignificant hazards. Our goal is to work cooperatively with you to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to prevent and control occupational injuries and illnesses by developing and implementing practical and cost-effective IH solutions.

CEM’s value creation and best practices is to apply our research-based, proven occupational chemical exposures assessment strategy that:

  • Identifies and evaluates potential toxic tort liabilities from chemical exposure and occurrences;
  • Prioritizes chemical exposures by task, frequency, duration, and location;
  • Identifies chemicals by instrumentation usage, department, and job description;
  • Allows quantitative and qualitative evaluations of chemical mixture effects for each process using multiple chemicals;
  • Reduces the number of chemicals that require air monitoring by 90%;
  • Defines field monitoring strategies and plans for chemicals based on top chemical exposure rankings;
  • Provides electronic data management of chemicals;
  • Provides OSHA reports, including an Inventory of Chemicals;
  • Reduces cost over traditional methods used for achieving compliance with OSHA and CMA standards (proven client experience of actual savings up to $700 million);
  • Maintains the integrity of the Health Hazard Assessment Model by continuously updating the database as new chemicals enter facilities each quarter;
  • Provides opportunities to manage and generate EPA reports of on-site chemicals with quantities over threshold values (such as Tier II reports);
  • Provides opportunities to pool industrial hygiene data within your organization where applicable.


CEM has expertise in executing occupational health Chemical Hazard Assessments throughout the country, and we have assisted numerous companies in obtaining and maintaining OSHA VPP Star Recognition with our proprietary electronic IH services. With this level of expertise in OSHA regulations and manufacturing operations, our proposal is positioned to further advance a state-of-the-art IH Program for your organization.

At CEM, our IH Program embraces the added-value of worker protection. We believe that all personnel have the right to a safe and healthful workplace. Our solutions are all guided by innovative technology, sound multi-disciplinary sciences, and industrial hygiene best practices. Teamwork is also essential to our practice and working with other scientific and EH&S executives—like you—is essential to an effective industrial hygiene program.

CEM takes great pride in being a service-oriented industrial hygiene service provider, with a “personal” commitment to our very highly regarded clients and associates. We strive to become a vital part of your health and safety mission by understanding your business priorities while addressing your IH priorities in a timely manner with focused resources, creativity, and energy. We pledge to meet your satisfaction through tangible IH accomplishments for you, your teammates, and your entire organization.

Our Chemical Hazard Assessments are conducted in two phases:

  • PHASE I: CHEMICAL INVENTORY – Obtain the latest chemical inventory, MSDSs, and chemical ingredients from your existing MSDS management system.
  • PHASE II: HAZARD ASSESSMENT – Evaluate the usage and exposure risks associated with each chemical hazard, by evaluating usage and conducting interviews of teammates on-site.


Deliverables at the conclusion of the chemical exposure Hazard Assessment include:

  • Workplace Characterization;
  • Work Force Characterization;
  • Detailed Weighted Ranking for all occupational chemical hazards on-site;
  • Toxicological Profile;
  • Regulatory Profile;
  • Detailed Top 10% Industrial Hygiene Sampling Strategy;
  • Regulatory-based paper copy of an Occupational Chemical Hazard Assessment;
  • List of chemical products that are no longer used;
  • List of chemical products that were found during on-site evaluations but were not in your current MSDS database;
  • Detailed Inventory List of all chemicals on-site;
  • Detailed Inventory List of all regulated chemicals on-site;
  • Access to 200 industrial hygiene reports by phone request or via the CEM Online Database (if purchased);
  • Automatic regulatory limits updates for one-year.

At your option, these reports can be delivered as a paper copy (by mail) and/or in an electronic format (secure PDF) by either secure download or by mailing a CD.