In the workplace, risk equals cost. With corporations of all sizes facing shrinking budgets, increased stakeholder scrutiny, and intense competition for market share and quality employees, controlling costs by effectively managing workplace environmental, health, and safety (EHS) programs is crucial for sustaining growth and profitability. Workplace EHS programs reduce costs and risks by maintaining a safer, healthier, and more productive workforce, thus adding significant value to the bottom line. Integrating EHS systems with strategic business planning delivers far-reaching financial, economic, competitive, and operational benefits.

Certified Environmental Management partners with clients to understand their specific business and EHS processes, objectives, and strategies. From individual programs to comprehensive systems, we help you address both immediate and long-term EHS issues, delivering point solutions that add value today, and sustainable management strategies that enable you to track EHS value and drive improved EHS performance well into the future. We have the experience to understand the business value of EHS and the expertise to provide comprehensive solutions that effectively deliver that value.


Certified Environmental Management is proud to be one of the most accredited full-service Industrial Hygiene laboratories in the world. We have offered a wide range of professional Industrial Hygiene services and solutions to meet every need since 1987.


Certified Environmental Management helps clients achieve EHS excellence and translate it into measurable business value.

CEM is proud to be customer-focused. Our approach to Industrial Hygiene is very flexible and we often customize existing services and even offer new custom services for our clients. Please contact us with any questions about our services. We are happy to deliver custom, cost-effective Industrial Hygiene Solutions in order to maximize the health and safety of workers and to reduce risks and liabilities for employers.