Facilities & Technology


CEM’s Industrial Hygiene Laboratories are located at our headquarters in Salina, KS. The locations of our laboratories have been selected to best serve our customers while also keeping costs of business low, so we can offer services from a full-service laboratory at prices that are 10-15% less expensive than our nearest competitors.

In order to meet our high standards in the laboratory, CEM is very well equipped. The resulting accuracy in our lab has helped us maintain our status as one of the most accredited Industrial Hygiene laboratories in the world.

Some of the features of our laboratory are:

  • Perkin-Elmer P-40 Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
  • Dionex ICS-90 Ion Chromatograph
  • Hewlett-Packard 5890 Series II Gas Chromatographs
  • Advanced microscopy center
  • Perkin-Elmer 1600 Series Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer
  • Sargent-Welch SM UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Orion SA-720 Specific Ion Electrode Meter
  • Millipore Milli-Q Plus Water Purifier


Not only do our clients receive the very best quality of service and accuracy for Industrial Hygiene services, but the data we collect for our clients is made twice as powerful due to our database technology. CEM processes all data gathered in the field and the laboratory in our unique CEM Industrial Hygiene Database System. This system allows us to look at the data from all angles to compute helpful statistics to aid in analysis, determine trends, compare exposures to regulatory limits from jurisdictions across the world, and to keep all our data readily available for whenever clients may need it. Our database system allows us to search and generate custom reports for any data that has been gathered for any specific client; however, the system keeps each client’s data separate from all other clients in order to ensure complete confidentially for all our clients.

The CEM Industrial Hygiene Database System can quickly link data from many different sources to show our clients the “whole picture” so they have a better understanding of the health and safety hazards that they face. Our database includes:

  • Chemical identification information
  • Toxicological data for hazardous substances including carcinogenicity, health effects, symptoms, etc.
  • Occupational exposure limits (OEL) information for over forty jurisdictions across the world
  • Personal protection and exposure prevention information
  • Sampling information for hazardous substances


Both confidentiality and data integrity are vitally important. Thus, in addition to our redundant, secure database system for electronic storage of data, CEM also keeps physical copies of all data as an additional backup procedure. Physical copies are stored in fire-retardant file cabinets for three years before being sent to a secure storage location off-site.