Company Profile


As a global leader in Industrial Hygiene, Certified Environmental Management, Ltd. (CEM) provides a wide range of innovative Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health & Safety services to clients in many different industries. Building on nearly three decades of experience, and combining a customer-focused approach with continual collaborative research, CEM offers information and analysis with unparalleled accuracy to ensure the health and safety of workers throughout the world. As one of the most accredited Industrial Hygiene laboratory in the world – supported by our amount of experience and commitment to excellence – our clients have always had the utmost confidence in Certified Environmental Management, Ltd.


Begun in 1987, Certified Environmental Management, Ltd. (CEM) has advanced to be one of the worldwide leaders in the field of Industrial Hygiene. From its inception, CEM has maintained extraordinarily high standards, placing us in position to serve some of the top companies in the world. CEM invests in the very best facilities, technology, and staff in order to give our clients every possible advantage in maintaining health and safety.


One of the foundational principles of CEM is our customer-focused approach. We work closely with our clients to customize services to specifically meet the individual needs of each client. This approach continues to maximize cost-effectiveness for our customers and keep customer satisfaction and retention extremely high. Furthermore, all of our products and services are customer-driven, meaning that we have developed and refined our services to specifically meet the growing demands of our customers.


CEM believes that Industrial Hygiene should be primarily proactive, actively seeking to improve health and safety rather than merely responding to concerns after they arise. In pursuit of this goal, CEM has established innovative techniques for hazard identification and assessment to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Industrial Hygiene work by focusing only on the hazards that truly are a concern.


In addition to the comprehensive Industrial Hygiene solutions CEM offers directly to clients, we also continue to actively research new methods of hazard assessment and better ways to ensure personal protection and safety. CEM researches in collaboration with universities as well as governmental and non-profit organizations to promote health and safety worldwide by better understanding health hazards, their effects, and methods to prevent over-exposure.