Job Safety Analysis


All employers have duty of care to individuals, staff, contractors or third parties in the workplace. It is also a legal requirement that organizations should document any health and safety risks that have been identified in the workplace. Equally, it is necessary to record the actions taken to reduce those risks.


Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is the term given to the exercise of identifying risks to health and safety in the workplace, and documenting the control measures taken to manage those risks. Our team of industrial hygienists, chemists, engineers, and toxicologists at CEM is prepared to assist your organization in preparing JSAs. At Certified Environmental Management, Ltd. our team utilizes an integrated approach or conducting field sampling, documenting tasks throughout the day and performing detailed JSAs that allows for detailed decision making of recommendations of PPE or engineering controls based upon quantitative analytical levels documented.

It is not a trivial task. It requires knowledge, consistency and stringent application.