Measuring EMF and Green Design Principles

LEED Buildings Next Steps

Business buyers have an underlying concern about EMF

As environmental professionals, we have followed the EMF issue closely for 12 years, and are convinced of its validity, despite the absence of formal exposure limitations. What is important here is the attitude of the public. Many buyers already recognize EMF as an issue of concern, especially those people who would be interested in a “green” business, or a “healthy” business. From this standpoint, it is irrelevant that the research has not progressed to the point of mandating formal standards. The perception of the public that EMF is a real issue is the operative factor.

Creation of a Low-EMF business is not expensive

The design concepts that allow creation of a low-EMF business are firmly established, and based upon the three fundamental principles of field reduction: (1) distance, (2) natural field cancellation, and (3) shielding. For non-custom production businesss, a single plan review process will define the procedures for all units, and it then becomes a simple matter of adherence to design and the exercise of best practices in wiring installation. Expensive magnetic shielding can almost always be avoided.

Results are dramatic and verifiable

Magnetic and electric field levels are often lower by at least a factor of 10. Sometimes a builder gets lucky and does many things right, but sometimes egregious field problems are built right into the house, requiring extensive and expensive corrections. Low-EMF practices produce uniformly good results. We can independently evaluate each business built, and issue a certification that low-EMF design procedures were followed, and that field levels are within recommended precautionary guidelines.

Corporate Responsibility by Creating a Low-EMF Building

Considering the safety and workplace environment that you are targeting, incorporation of the low-EMF feature because it would round out the other environmental health issues addressed in the building design, and reflect a comprehensive approach that many team-members would recognize and appreciate. In addition, most other green builders have not adopted the concept except on an individual client and individual business basis, so in that sense your product offering would have a unique advantage.

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