As a global leader in Industrial Hygiene, Certified Environmental Management, Ltd. (CEM) provides a wide range of innovative Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health & Safety services to clients in many different industries. Building on over two decades of experience, and combining a customer-focused approach with continual collaborative research, CEM offers information and analysis with unparalleled accuracy to ensure the health and safety of workers throughout the world. As one of the most accredited Industrial Hygiene laboratories in the world–supported by our amount of experience and commitment to excellence–our clients have always had the utmost confidence in Certified Environmental Management, Ltd.

Measuring EMF and Green Design Principles

LEED Buildings Next Steps Business buyers have an underlying concern about EMF As environmental professionals, we have followed the EMF issue closely for 12 years, and are convinced of its validity, despite the absence of formal exposure limitations. What is important here is the attitude of the public. Many buyers already recognize EMF as an issue of concern, especially those people who would be interested in a “green” business, or…

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EMF Measurement Surveys

EMF measurement surveys are usually conducted for one of the following applications: Evaluation of a commercial space where equipment is being adversely affected by building electrical systems or other interference (EMI) sources, or where concern about human exposure exists. Land Use Planning – Site assessment of an open tract to evaluate the impact of power lines or adjacent TV, radio, and cell site transmitters, and to provide guidance in the…

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Protect Your Employees from Heat Stress

The Statistical Abstracts of the United States, 105th edition, estimates that 5 to 10 million workers are exposed to heat illness annually. Heat illnesses (such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps) are caused by hot environments and are preventable occupational health hazards. Heat illness results when the body is out of heat balance. Heat balance means that the heat the body produces equals the heat it loses. When…

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